Feeding system for cone crusher needs uniform

Cone Crusher is a kind of new type crusher who adopts the new crushing concept, its structure principle entirely different from Jaw Crusher, hammer crusher, Impact Crusher and other crushing machine. Its Crushing capacity and unique production ability are other types of crusher cant be compared.Cone crusher is divided into spring cone crusher and Hydraulic Cone Crusher, suite for crushing the stone and rock which hardness is above average. Cone crusher is dividing in to standard type, short type, generally used in middle and fine crushing.
In the calculation of particle size, the open side with the largest population size multiplied by 0.85 feed into the material size as a selection based on the average size of the product is divided by the maximum feed crushing ratio. Spring cone crusher standard used for open loop, short head type is used for closed loop.
The use of the power, the Cone crusher should pay attention to following issues when in operation, can make sure the normal work for machine. Cone crusher at work, feeding should be uniform, not segregation. If the feed to reduce production capacity will be uneven, the product particle size is too large, the spring moves frequently, Bowl-bearing pressure, power consumption increased. Have iron device; to prevent the crushing chamber through iron, iron if too frequent, it may cause broken accident.
It is promising equipment. But its biggest drawback is the hammer and the back plate particularly easy to wear, especially when crushing hard rock, wear and tear is more serious, so it needs for frequent replacement. At present, in some metal concentrator has been applied, because the emergence of a number of wear-resistant materials Crushers history dates back to the 1850s, when the worlds first Jaw Crusher was born in the United States. Soon, with the development of productive forces, the jaw crusher cant meet the needs of crushing Cracking technology, so, based on jaw crusher, people designed combination crusher.
. Mainly focus on improvement of hammer and rotor structure, in order to facilitate the replacement board and hammer mounted card, counter-attack aircraft (the crushing chamber shaped) structure optimization?increasing energy efficiency. Secondly, research and develop new kind hammer plate material which is high toughness, high wear-resistant, and increase productivity. Thirdly, application of modern Mechanical technology and control methods (as Hydraulics and Electronics), continuously improve the crusher automation level; Reduce the labor intensity, productivity gain. For example, application of modern computer-aided design optimization of the structural parameters of counter frames Improve energy efficiency and broken rates of ore.

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