Jaw crusher companies still have space for growth

Serious excess capacity in the jaw crusher industry is, is typical problem in the domestic mining machinery industry. Many people in this industry express worries about this problem.
Open the back cover of the mechanical engine to see how many of the core mechanical parts is our own brand? Our jaw crusher manufacturers just produce structural parts, sheet metal parts and assembly, without the core mechanical parts, so that overcapacity is a virtual surplus. Some companies have been engaged in real estate or other industries. Just for the jaw crusher industry may have good return on investment, they dug a few people, buy a set of drawings, sign a piece of land, built a plant, then you can come up with a jaw crusher brand. Less than a year, the hard years of accumulated funds full cast into not enough, not only in cash flow, but also faces a large number of doubtful debts, bad debt risk.
Overcapacity is a relative concept. Low-level assembly will doubly lead to production capacity surplus. Truly meet the market demand, a high level of competition and high-end brand is far from adequate in the high-end market.
The market concentration of jaw crusher industry is not relatively high, number of broken machinery enterprises have set foot in this industry. Concrete Machinery car manufacturing duopoly entrenched 90% market share; market concentration of such a high energy ball mill still did not stop the New Project launched. According the stirring Machinery Association Honorary President Mr. Chen Runyu estimates, beginning this year, it has already has 20 billion Yuan of capital investment in mixing machinery manufacturing projects.
Avoid redundant construction, and seeking to broken machinery in the field of high-end market must have independent innovation. Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology Soupault once pointed out, China’s crushing machinery industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, to enhance the core competitiveness should focus on doing the four work its top priority is to enhance the capability of independent innovation, efforts to enhance technical level, the efforts of a major breakthrough in the key core components and industrial chain short board.

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